The Wedding MC

My work as a master of ceremonies starts by making acquaintance.
During the first personal meeting we will learn if the sympathy is mutual between the couple to be married and me, which will be the basis for all that follows. Throughout the preparations as your Wedding MC I will help in compiling the reception program and script and if necessary, give advice on substantive issues.

Wedding MC

On your wedding day, the wedding mc will be the host of the event and as such I will inform the guests about the events of the day, and make sure of the proper atmosphere.

My clients are mostly young intellectuals, who care about a meaningful, stylish celebration of their wedding.
In case of a multinational wedding, I pay special attention to the foreign guests, helping to bridge minor difficulties arising from the linguistic and cultural differences.
My service ends with the last event held according to the script.

Alongside these tasks, I also coordinate the event. I am experienced and determined, I know what to expect from my colleagues, and they know what to expect from me.
During a wedding officiated by me, the staff is aware of the course of the event, no one misses out on anything.
The venue and kitchen staff, the photographers and musicians all perform important tasks, and are grateful for the efficient assistance.

Wedding MC

The service fee is included in the quotation received with the occasion of our first meeting.

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